The Practical Guide To Find The Best Cleanser For Acne-prone Skin!

In my experience, cleansing your face with the right products is EXTREMELY important! Why? During the day your skin produces sebum. You might be outside where all the toxins and polluted air are going to cling to your face. You might be using skincare (which I hope you do 😀 !), spfs or makeup and imagine that mixed with your natural oils, pollutions and bacterias! Sounds like a perfect environment for SPOTS! So, to make your skin clean – you have to clean it first!

1. What do you need to know about choosing your cleanser?

Important thing:
Very often in Western world all the anti-acne products are super DRYING! They’re loaded with alcohol and other ingredients that may be harmful for your skin and cause potential irritation! Have you ever heard that if the product makes your skin tingly/itchy it means that it actually works? Omg, that’s such a LIE! And if your skin goes all red after using it? Stop immediately. Remember about the balance! Stripping your skin off oil (natural ones) is going to cause your face (and the rest of the body) to produce EVEN MORE OIL! Why? Because it needs to balance the loss out!

The good cleanser will leave your skin feeling comfortable and soft. If your cleanser make your face feel dry, tight or itchy – again, stop using it.

And the last thing:

a good cleanser doesn’t have to break your bank! There are so many fantastic cleansers for very affordable prices! So don’t worry if you can’t buy this magical cleanser from brand X! ^^

2. What can cause acne?

There can be a lot of reasons but I’ve listed the most common ones ^^

– you might be on your period
– you apply hair care or hair styling products too close to your scalp
– you touch your face with dirty hands or dirty phone (bacterias!)
– you eat too much greasy or acidic foods (those chips and crisps…)
– you’ve hit your puberty
– you’re stressed

Related image

3. What are the ingredients to look for and what do they do?

– BHAs:
what: alicylic acid, some formulations of citric acid.
why: They’re water solluble and are good for oily/acne skin.
how: They penetrate to deeper layers of skin, clear excess sebum, unclog your pores, reduce blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and even rosacea.

– AHA’s:
what: glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid
why: They’re water solluble and great for dry skin.
how: Because they work in the top layer of the skin, it removes the bond between dead skin cells, helping the skin to exfoliate.

– Hyaluronic Acid: 
why: It’s a strong humectant that absorbs water (about 1000 times it’s weight!) and plumps the skin.
how: it aids in the repair and regeneration of skin affected by dryness, environmental stress or irritation. 

– Glycerin: 
why: It’s a very strong humectant.
how: Ingredients like glycerin can help maintain hydration and prevent skin irritation during the cleansing process.

– Argan Oil:
why: has go ultra hydrating properties and according to some studies it also decreases sebum production
how: it’s non-greasy and has got revitalising properties.

– Honey:
why: fights acne, helps fade acne scars and cleanses your skin
how: it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, reduces the swelling and redness. The high sugar concentration and its acidic properties stop the replication of the bacteria.

4. What ingredients you should avoid and why?

– Mineral Oil:
why: it coats the skin like a plastic bag which causes your pores to clog and suffocate, prevents oxygen to eneter the skin and traps in dirt, toxins and excess sebum

– Alcohol:
why: very drying and dehydrating for the skin

– Petroleum Jelly:
why: as a sealant, petroleum jelly can prevent the skin from releasing toxins, sweat, and sebum. If this happens, the skin can’t breathe or eliminate toxins, thereby blocking pores and causing breakouts.

– Lanolin: 
why: Lanolin is a natural ingredient produced by a sheep skin to keep their wool soft, just like we produce sebum to keep our skin soft. Lanolin is used in cosmetics and skin care products to provide softness and moisturization, but unfortunately, it is highly comedogenic!



5. My cleanser recommendations! (+ links!)


Mentholatum – Hada Labo AHA+BHA Face Wash (Acne Care)

TOSOWOONG – Acne Foam Cleansing


Image result for TOSOWOONG - Acne Foam Cleansing



G9SKIN – AC Solution Acne Foam Cleanser


Image result for G9SKIN - AC Solution Acne Foam Cleanser



Thanks for reading ^^


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