The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Skin Care In Your 20’s!

Did you know that taking a proper care of your skin in your 20’s will result in having a much younger, brighter appearance in the future?

Doesn’t matter if you’re in your early or late twenties, it’s never too late for that!

Shall we start then? ^^

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It’s never too early to start using antiaging!

I know, I know. You think that antiaging starts around 30’s and using it now will make your skin get used to the ingredients and they will stop working in the future!


I’ve heard that SO MANY TIMES! And you know what is funny about it? There is no, zero, nil (!!!!) medical proven facts to back up this hypothesis!

I mean, I’m not saying that right now you should sneak out to your nan’s house and steal her cream lol but let’s be honest – prevention is the key! Start with light ingredients, see what you can do!

For starters, try reading my post about 10 steps Korean skincare explained!

Korean skincare, in general, will help you understand your skin’s needs so much better, it will also help you to choose right products for it (leave me a comment for more posts about it ^^v )!


Use your SPF!

I think I will be mentioning this one forever! Sunscreens are not only for holiday use! You should wear them every day – yes, you heard me, EVERY DAY!

Sunblocks will prevent sun damage to your cells causing your skin to age prematurely, you don’t want to have wrinkles caused by that, right? Not to mention melanomas, other types of dark spots or even a skin cancer!

Put on your SPF now!


Hands and neck are also important!

Okay, so you started using your creams, serums, all the beauty treatments for your face but you’re forgetting about your neck and hands, right?

It’s a quite common mistake, sometimes I do that too!

At night time I would use my essence to pat it on my neck gently but I usually forget (I’m guilty of that! I know! x.x ) a hand cream!

You can have the smoothest face in the world but if the rest of your body is dry and wrinkly then it’s not gonna look pretty – trust me on that! It also makes you look older than you are!


Use eye cream!

I will never understand that, why people can spend a lot of money on face products but completely leave out eye skin care? The skin around your eyes is just super delicate, super thin and SUPER PRONE TO WRINKLES!


“A” stands for antioxidants!

You’ve heard that word before I’m sure 😉 Antioxidants can be found not only in cosmetics but also in the food you consume! A diet full of antioxidants will definitely pay off in the future!

Vitamins like C and E remove the potentially damaging oxidizing agents from your body, cool thing ^^


Visit a dermatologist!

Especially if you’ve hit your puberty a good few years ago and still suffering from acne! I used to have that problem and in my case, it was a hormonal issue.

Don’t ignore your acne!

The right skincare + rich in antioxidants diet + doctor’s advice = happy skin! ^^


Go for a walk!

Staying active doesn’t mean you need to join the gym (I’m not discouraging you though lol). Just don’t sit down all the time. Staying active is so important!

Thanks to moving, especially on the fresh air, your blood will deliver oxygen to every skin cell in your body!

Also, when you’re moving it produces the serotonin which is called a happy hormone! ^^


Say “no” to hot showers/baths!

I know that after a long day there’s nothing better than a long hot bath (or a shower) to make you feel relaxed. However, in the long run, this pleasure is gonna cost your skin a lot!

You know when your fingers get all wrinkly and white when you sit too long in the bath? It means that the actual moisture is evaporating from your body leaving it dry and dehydrated!


Okay guys!

I hope this post was somewhat useful ^^

See you in the next one!



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