August And September 2018 Empties

Hello my loves!

In this little post I will share with you what I’ve managed to (finally!) use up lol ;’D !

I’ve been wondering for a while now if I should keep it strictly Kbeauty or add all the Western products in here as well? You tell me ^^ !

This time I’ve decided to add all the empties from the past two months to add a little variety ^^

Shall we start?

L’oreal Paris perfect match concealer 1.R/C Rose Ivory


I always struggle with a good under eye concealer! They’re always too yellow/orange or they don’t give any coverage orz !!! I picked it randomly because I was hoping for the colour to be more pink’ish and cool-toned and it was my real perfect match lol! Really creamy, not too heavy, wasn’t getting cakey and the colour was amazing for my skin tone!

However, when I was in Poland I didn’t see that shade in the stores o.O ! So I’m not sure if you can actually buy this one in every country (which is actually quite disappointing.. )

My score: 10/10


Essence make me brow (01 blondy brows)



One of my holy grails! No jokes! I loveeee this eyebrow mascara!!! The shade is perfect, cool ashy blonde and the wand is also tiny and I could never make a mess with it lol! The price is also super amazing! And apparently, it’s also a good dupe for Benefit’s eyebrow mascara 😉

My score: 10/10


Koelf gold royal jelly hydrogel eye patch



Hmm… I’m honestly not so sure about this one… While using them they’d make my under eye area feel nourished and relaxed but I didn’t really see anything apart from that! I was hoping they’re gonna help me diminish my slowly appearing crows feet wrinkles ( … ;___; ) but nothing like that happened. I don’t know, I really don’t know what to say about this product. Just nothing special for me.

My score: 3/10


Innisfree bija trouble cleansing gel



Another product that I have completely NO feelings for! I’m neither positive or negative about it. My skin did feel nice and clean after using it, I have to admit that! However, I find that tea tree scent waaaaaay overpowering! Did it help me with acne? Difficult to say, ’cause I didn’t really have any while using it. Would definitely not recommend to anyone with sensitive skin tho! (tea tree oil again!)

My score: 6/10


I ❤ Revolution makeup fixing spray (green tea)



Okay, I’M OBSESSED! It’s a really nice fixing spray and also a very affordable one! Maybe wouldn’t be perfect for those with oily or very oily skin but for my combination was great! I love the scent of green tea, in general, that’s why I chose this one lol Gotta love it tho!

My score: 9,5/10


The Face Shop multi 5 layer cotton pads


I don’t know what do you want me to say about it lol! I really like the idea of square-shaped multi-layered cotton pads! They’re super budget friendly as you can separate the layers! ^^ For toner I’d normally use 2/3 layers. If you have more like a lotion type of toner (that’s a good tip for dry skin btw!) you can always divide all the layers, soak them up with it and place on your face for a couple of minutes to give your skin some nice moisture boost ^^

My score: 10/10


SkinFood salmon brightening eye cream


I was very, very disappointed with this product to be honest ;_; My under eye area can get pretty dark since I never get enough of sleep when I work so I thought that something brightening would help it a lot! But hmm, I didn’t really get any brightening effect, I didn’t feel much moisture either. And I really don’t like the idea of a JAR! Why not a squeezy tube? D:

My score: 1/10


Revolution conceal & define liquid concealer C1



Another GREAT concealer ❤ ! I love the shade, I love this slightly bigger dove foot applicator and I LOVE the price! It’s super budget friendly and it’s exceeded my expectations! I would definitely recommend it to all of you! Plus, it’s an amazing dupe for Tarte’s shape tape ;D

My score: 10/10


Benefit precisely, my brow pencil (no.2)



Oh gosh, I’m so looking for a Korean dupe to that lol! I LOVE THIS PENCIL! This is by far the best one I’ve ever used from ANY brand!!! I’m so in love I had to buy another one… The colour is AMAZING!!!! It gives you this very natural but also very polished and clean look! Super easy to use, very thin and great spoolie at the need too! The minus? More on the expensive side boohoo… ;_; This is why I had to take one point out of the final score…

My score: 9/10


Missha the original tension pact perfect cover no.13 (refill)


This is another holy grail of mine! I love this bb cushion, it gives me the perfect colour and decent yet very natural looking coverage ^^ Honestly, it’s not going to give you full 100% coverage but it’s still very decent. I love that the shade no.13 is a perfect match for me, to the point that people sometimes ask me if I’m wearing any foundation cause my skin looks so great! This is my 3rd refill I think! I’m definitely gonna be testing more cushions but at the moment this one is my number one!

My score: 10/10


And that’s it my Beauty Lovers! ^^

I’m so glad I’ve had more good products to show you than the bad ones 😀 !

I hope you liked it ^^ !!

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