How To Find The Best Cleanser For Your Skin Type!

Finding the best cleanser can be a proper nightmare sometimes, I know that myself! Foam? Gel? Milk? There are so many to choose from!

In this post, I’ve prepared a mini cheat-sheet for you guys! ^^ It’s all about the 2nd cleansing!


Starting with the oil…

If you read my blog post on 10 steps Korean skincare or even The Practical Guide To Find The Best Cleanser For Acne-prone Skin, then I’m sure you already know I’m going to start with the cleansing oil (or a cleansing balm)!

Cleansing oils are a MUST HAVE for me and they should be the same for you too ^.~ !

They’re very high in emollient oils that not only cleanses but also moisturises your skin! They remove the dirt and even the waterproof makeup without lathering. These are not the typical oils you can find in the kitchen, they are made to be water soluble so they don’t leave that heavy and greasy residue.

Because they’re very gentle on the skin and as I mentioned before they can be very moisturising – I very often hear that they’re the best for dry skin.

However, in my opinion, they’re perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES, as you should follow up with the second cleanser anyways ^^

Cleansing milks/creams.

+ Definitely the best for dry skin
very high in emollients
+ low in surfactants
+ removes dirt
+ won’t dry out your skin since it doesn’t produce much lather
+ gentle on the skin

– can struggle with waterproof makeup
– can leave a residue
– can clog pores

Cleansing foams/gels.

+ The best for oily skin
high in surfactants
+ low in emollients
+ produces a lot of lather to cleanse your skin thoroughly
+ removes dirt and waterproof makeup (usually quite easily)
+ doesn’t leave residue

– can be drying


At this point, I’m going to mention some other popular cleansing methods!

Micellar Water

+ great for all skin types, including sensitive
+ high in gentle surfactants
+ low in emollients
+ doesn’t lather
+ removes dirt
+ doesn’t leave any residue
+ doesn’t need to be rinsed off (HOWEVER! Most of the Korean micellar waters DO say to rinse them off!)
+ gentle on the skin
+ to me personally could do as a second cleanser after oil/balm

– doesn’t remove makeup very well on its own

Cleansing wipes

+ great in emergencies

– don’t remove makeup in 100%
– don’t cleanse your skin in 100%
– you have to rub your skin with them
– may leave a residue
– can be drying


– not good for any skin type, just avoid it!
– disrupts your skin’s protective barrier
– drying
– can be irritating


– best to just avoid
– small particles can be irritating for your skin

I hope I’ve touched up on every popular cleansing method and gave you a brief summary on how to find the best cleanser for your skin type ^^ !

If you have any questions about this post, please let me know in the comments section 😀


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Skin Care In Your 20’s!

Did you know that taking a proper care of your skin in your 20’s will result in having a much younger, brighter appearance in the future?

Doesn’t matter if you’re in your early or late twenties, it’s never too late for that!

Shall we start then? ^^

adult blur close up cosmetics
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It’s never too early to start using antiaging!

I know, I know. You think that antiaging starts around 30’s and using it now will make your skin get used to the ingredients and they will stop working in the future!


I’ve heard that SO MANY TIMES! And you know what is funny about it? There is no, zero, nil (!!!!) medical proven facts to back up this hypothesis!

I mean, I’m not saying that right now you should sneak out to your nan’s house and steal her cream lol but let’s be honest – prevention is the key! Start with light ingredients, see what you can do!

For starters, try reading my post about 10 steps Korean skincare explained!

Korean skincare, in general, will help you understand your skin’s needs so much better, it will also help you to choose right products for it (leave me a comment for more posts about it ^^v )!


Use your SPF!

I think I will be mentioning this one forever! Sunscreens are not only for holiday use! You should wear them every day – yes, you heard me, EVERY DAY!

Sunblocks will prevent sun damage to your cells causing your skin to age prematurely, you don’t want to have wrinkles caused by that, right? Not to mention melanomas, other types of dark spots or even a skin cancer!

Put on your SPF now!


Hands and neck are also important!

Okay, so you started using your creams, serums, all the beauty treatments for your face but you’re forgetting about your neck and hands, right?

It’s a quite common mistake, sometimes I do that too!

At night time I would use my essence to pat it on my neck gently but I usually forget (I’m guilty of that! I know! x.x ) a hand cream!

You can have the smoothest face in the world but if the rest of your body is dry and wrinkly then it’s not gonna look pretty – trust me on that! It also makes you look older than you are!


Use eye cream!

I will never understand that, why people can spend a lot of money on face products but completely leave out eye skin care? The skin around your eyes is just super delicate, super thin and SUPER PRONE TO WRINKLES!


“A” stands for antioxidants!

You’ve heard that word before I’m sure 😉 Antioxidants can be found not only in cosmetics but also in the food you consume! A diet full of antioxidants will definitely pay off in the future!

Vitamins like C and E remove the potentially damaging oxidizing agents from your body, cool thing ^^


Visit a dermatologist!

Especially if you’ve hit your puberty a good few years ago and still suffering from acne! I used to have that problem and in my case, it was a hormonal issue.

Don’t ignore your acne!

The right skincare + rich in antioxidants diet + doctor’s advice = happy skin! ^^


Go for a walk!

Staying active doesn’t mean you need to join the gym (I’m not discouraging you though lol). Just don’t sit down all the time. Staying active is so important!

Thanks to moving, especially on the fresh air, your blood will deliver oxygen to every skin cell in your body!

Also, when you’re moving it produces the serotonin which is called a happy hormone! ^^


Say “no” to hot showers/baths!

I know that after a long day there’s nothing better than a long hot bath (or a shower) to make you feel relaxed. However, in the long run, this pleasure is gonna cost your skin a lot!

You know when your fingers get all wrinkly and white when you sit too long in the bath? It means that the actual moisture is evaporating from your body leaving it dry and dehydrated!


Okay guys!

I hope this post was somewhat useful ^^

See you in the next one!



K-Beauty: July 2018 Empties!

Hello my Lovelies!

Today I’ve prepared some nice and easy post for you guys! I haven’t done anything like that in ages to be completely honest!

Don’t forget to tell me if you like this kind of posts ^^ ~


K-Beauty: July 2018 Empties!

Untitled design.png

1. SCINIC – Vita Ade Cleansing Oil

The BEST cleansing oil I’ve used so far to be honest! It was my holy grail last year and I swear by it! It’s very delicate for the skin but in the same time very harsh on makeup, so even using it to remove my eye makeup wasn’t causing any kind of iritations! I love it’s citrusy smell and the fact it’s so affordable (online 😀 ). Atm I’m testing more cleansing oils but this one is my NO.1 !!!

Rating: 10/10

2. TONYMOLY – Pocket Bunny Mist (moist)

Very nice mist, I have to admit, plus this super cute packaging!!! I have to tell you one thing about me using face mists: I don’t use them on the face lol! I know, I know.. So how do I use it? It’s simple, I just spray them on my beauty blender instead of using tap water ^^ this mist made the application process so easy and smooth, I love it! The only downside in my oppinion? The price is very often around 10GBP so if you use it as a regular face mist it won’t last you long (60ml :c ).

Rating: 9/10

3. WELCOS – Grape Seed Deep Cleansing Foam

This was a tricky one. I wasn’t very satisfied with this cleanser, it just didn’t do much. And it was a bit iritating on my spots too :c It was also suppossed to have some anti-aging properties but I don’t know, didn’t notice any difference. Plus, I wouldn’t say it’s a foam, it’s actually a CREAM. I know the price was cheap (3.99GBP if I remember well..) but I think I’d rather invest a tiny bit more and get myself a better one.

Rating: 2/10

4. TONYMOLY – The Fresh Phytoncide Pore Gel Cream

I loved using this one! Extremely refreshing scent, super light weight and affordable! I don’t know about this “pore” thing tbh, because I never EVER see any difference with that so I’m not going to debate about it lol. Apart from that, ideal for oily/combo skin, makes your skin look and feel really smooth, overall it’s a great gel cream for everyday use! Also pretty affordable ^^

Rating: 9/10

5. SKIN WATCHERS – Pore Control Essence

Another disappointing one. First of all: TINY BOTTLE! 30ml!!! It just didn’t work for me at all, didn’t do completely ANYTHING to my skin. Didn’t make it better (but at least didn’t make it worse either…) but I think it was just a waste of money :c would not recommend…

Rating: 1/10

6. PETITFEE – Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch

Quite weird product which I don’t completely understand.. I love under eye patches,  really adore them! However with this one… hmmm… weird shape,that’s one thing. I love this typical tear-shaped ones, this one I could never make sit properly under my eyes and not slide x_X uhhh! Two, I still have no bloody idea what’s that “spot patch” suppose to mean. It didn’t help with any spots, so what’s the deal with it? Or maybe it’s a spot on your face where you need some extra hydration or something? Tried it, didn’t work! Didn’t really work underneath my eyes either.

Rating: 2/10

7. ETUDE HOUSE – Wonder Pore Essence

Really cute essence, very nice for oily/combo skin. The consistency was a bit gel’ish but it felt nice and light-weight on the skin. Didn’t cause any iritation, just a nice basic product.

Rating: 6/10


Okay, that’s it for now ^^ Hope you did enjoy this little post!

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The Practical Guide To Find The Best Cleanser For Acne-prone Skin!

In my experience, cleansing your face with the right products is EXTREMELY important! Why? During the day your skin produces sebum. You might be outside where all the toxins and polluted air are going to cling to your face. You might be using skincare (which I hope you do 😀 !), spfs or makeup and imagine that mixed with your natural oils, pollutions and bacterias! Sounds like a perfect environment for SPOTS! So, to make your skin clean – you have to clean it first!

1. What do you need to know about choosing your cleanser?

Important thing:
Very often in Western world all the anti-acne products are super DRYING! They’re loaded with alcohol and other ingredients that may be harmful for your skin and cause potential irritation! Have you ever heard that if the product makes your skin tingly/itchy it means that it actually works? Omg, that’s such a LIE! And if your skin goes all red after using it? Stop immediately. Remember about the balance! Stripping your skin off oil (natural ones) is going to cause your face (and the rest of the body) to produce EVEN MORE OIL! Why? Because it needs to balance the loss out!

The good cleanser will leave your skin feeling comfortable and soft. If your cleanser make your face feel dry, tight or itchy – again, stop using it.

And the last thing:

a good cleanser doesn’t have to break your bank! There are so many fantastic cleansers for very affordable prices! So don’t worry if you can’t buy this magical cleanser from brand X! ^^

2. What can cause acne?

There can be a lot of reasons but I’ve listed the most common ones ^^

– you might be on your period
– you apply hair care or hair styling products too close to your scalp
– you touch your face with dirty hands or dirty phone (bacterias!)
– you eat too much greasy or acidic foods (those chips and crisps…)
– you’ve hit your puberty
– you’re stressed

Related image

3. What are the ingredients to look for and what do they do?

– BHAs:
what: alicylic acid, some formulations of citric acid.
why: They’re water solluble and are good for oily/acne skin.
how: They penetrate to deeper layers of skin, clear excess sebum, unclog your pores, reduce blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and even rosacea.

– AHA’s:
what: glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid
why: They’re water solluble and great for dry skin.
how: Because they work in the top layer of the skin, it removes the bond between dead skin cells, helping the skin to exfoliate.

– Hyaluronic Acid: 
why: It’s a strong humectant that absorbs water (about 1000 times it’s weight!) and plumps the skin.
how: it aids in the repair and regeneration of skin affected by dryness, environmental stress or irritation. 

– Glycerin: 
why: It’s a very strong humectant.
how: Ingredients like glycerin can help maintain hydration and prevent skin irritation during the cleansing process.

– Argan Oil:
why: has go ultra hydrating properties and according to some studies it also decreases sebum production
how: it’s non-greasy and has got revitalising properties.

– Honey:
why: fights acne, helps fade acne scars and cleanses your skin
how: it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, reduces the swelling and redness. The high sugar concentration and its acidic properties stop the replication of the bacteria.

4. What ingredients you should avoid and why?

– Mineral Oil:
why: it coats the skin like a plastic bag which causes your pores to clog and suffocate, prevents oxygen to eneter the skin and traps in dirt, toxins and excess sebum

– Alcohol:
why: very drying and dehydrating for the skin

– Petroleum Jelly:
why: as a sealant, petroleum jelly can prevent the skin from releasing toxins, sweat, and sebum. If this happens, the skin can’t breathe or eliminate toxins, thereby blocking pores and causing breakouts.

– Lanolin: 
why: Lanolin is a natural ingredient produced by a sheep skin to keep their wool soft, just like we produce sebum to keep our skin soft. Lanolin is used in cosmetics and skin care products to provide softness and moisturization, but unfortunately, it is highly comedogenic!



5. My cleanser recommendations! (+ links!)


Mentholatum – Hada Labo AHA+BHA Face Wash (Acne Care)

TOSOWOONG – Acne Foam Cleansing


Image result for TOSOWOONG - Acne Foam Cleansing



G9SKIN – AC Solution Acne Foam Cleanser


Image result for G9SKIN - AC Solution Acne Foam Cleanser



Thanks for reading ^^


10 steps Korean skincare explained!


You have most probably heard about the magical Korean 10 steps skincare routine, right?

You’ve seen it on the internet, in some magazines, adverts, in your local shop for sure. So what EXACTLY these 10 steps are? Do Korean ladies REALLY use 10 items everyday in their skincare routine? How long does it take them?

No worries!

I will explain ^-^

In my skincare routine for example I’ve got around 15 products! WOAH, sounds like a lot, I know!


it doesn’t mean I use everything every single day! Some products I use only for the morning time, some of them at night time, some of them only ONCE A WEEK! but if you add everything you use in a week – it’s gonna be like 10 lol.

this is my routine (just fyi! my skin is combo/oily and I’m also in my late 20s so I’m adding some anti-aging stuff too~! )


1. I start with a micellar water, I don’t wash my face in the morning (if you find it gross or something then I’m sorry… not), it just doesn’t work for me at all!

2. toner – to refresh and hydrate my skin, I’m using a mild toner for oily skin.

3. essence – essence is going to boost up all the good ingredients in the next steps! for the morning I prefer using a very light-weight, maybe even watery essence for oily skin. it keeps my skin hydrated, but not oily!

4. (gel) cream/(gel) moisturiser/emulsion – like I said, I’m more oily than anything else really! this is another thing in my routine that will make my skin stay hydrated! it’s extremely important!

5. spf – I know, I know… you think that it’s actually needless or like, come on, you want a tan, maybe you think that since you don’t live in an extremely hot climate (or you’re not somewhere on the beach) you don’t need it or maybe your moisturiser has got some so why bother? YOU WERE SOOOOO WRONG! UV rays are extremely DANGEROUS! they don’t only cause the burn, they make your skin age faster, dehydrate your skin and also cause the damage in your DNA (I’m not joking, you can check it anywhere!). not to mention they’re really bad for acne and also make your skin produce more oil. I don’t need to add anything about the skin cancer I guess?

For me, the spf must be 50 or 50+! I don’t leave home without it, I don’t want to have millions of wrinkles in a couple of years, you know~ but to be clear, the MINIMUM should be spf30+ !


1. oil cleanser – melts aaaaaall the makeup away! and I use quite a lot of makeup 😀 it feels so sastisfying removing it lol

2. gel/foam cleanser – removes all the leftovers of the oil cleanser, any other impurities and excess oil.

3. toner – this time I’m using something a bit stronger, preferrably with some acids (I’ve got one with AHA now, but for oily skin it’s a bummer to be honest…). Again, it’s to rebalance the ph levels of your skin, refresh and hydrate it.

4. eye cream – my under eyes are quite dark and also I started developing some crow feet around my eyes too (damn smiling lol). the skin around your eyes is the thinniest and the most delicate! you need to make sure you keep these areas hydrated! Be gentle!

5. essence – in the evening I prefer using more hydrating and nourishing essence. the night is the time when our skin rests and regenerates. atm, I’m using a very light moisturising essence with collagen.

6. serum – we use certain serums for certain skin problems, there are thousends of them available on the market! for now I’m using pore minimising one (but this one is a bummer too in my case lololol) but you could use hydrating, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-acne, brightening etc.!

7. (gel) cream/emulsion for night – I’ve got a really nice anti-aging gel cream for the night time! it’s not sticky, doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t leave my skin oily either! stick to the consistency that is the best for your skin type!

UFFF, that was a lot!

but it’s not over yet :DD !


1. sheet mask! -it’s definitely my fav step hahaha :”D ! you can choose from like a gazillion different designs, brands and purposes! I love them! they sooo help you feel relaxed and also can completely reset your face lol. So go get one NOW! 😀

2. eye mask – these would be usually tear-shaped gel’ish like little plasters you put under your eyes, they also have different purposes, anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturising etc. Personally I love the combo of eye mask + sheet mask on one go 😀

3. exfoliator – there are different types of peeling, you’ve got physical ones (scrubs) and chemical ones (which I think are my fav ones!). it all depends on your skin needs! peeling is a MUST! it removes all the dead skin cells, I’d recommend using it once a week.

4. sleep mask – sleep masks are usually denser, thicker and richer night creams. you don’t use them daily, they might completely clog your pores! I use them twice a week usually and got two types atm: hydrating one and detoxifying one. try for yourself ^^

Okay, I think I’ve covered all the basics here 😀 I didn’t put the names of the products I use on purpose ;D ’cause will need that for the future posts ahahah ^^ you can obviously change your routine and add or remove some of the products I’ve mentioned, however to me, they’re my essentials and I’m being serious!

hope you did like this one ^^

I will see you next time!

Happy reading,